Leaders of the New Democrat Coalition Say House Democratic Takeover is a “Call to End the Chaos”

While votes are still being counted in key Congressional districts, it's clear Democrats will lead the House of Representatives following tonight’s results. Leaders of the New Democrat Coalition said that the results are a clear sign that voters demand a change in tone and priorities in Washington.

In a statement, New Democrat Coalition Chairman Jim Himes (CT-04) and NewDemPAC Chair Scott Peters (CA-52) said voters overwhelmingly rejected the President’s divisive rhetoric by electing thoughtful, service-driven leaders who will work across ideologies to get things done.

NewDemPAC officially endorsed 45 candidates for the House of Representatives this election cycle and put its name behind another 31 candidates on its “Candidate Watch List.” A full list of NewDemPAC-backed candidates is available here.

The full statement from Reps. Himes and Peters is below:

“Voters across the country tonight made a public and resounding call to end the chaos in Washington. For too long, the President’s divisive rhetoric and failure to lead has left America rudderless on some of the most important issues of our time.

“The Republican majority lost tonight because over the past two years they’ve failed to improve America’s health care system, failed to address the deficit, failed to fix our broken immigration system and failed to prepare America’s workforce for the changing nature of our economy. The heart of these failures lives in an unwillingness to work across the aisle in good faith and put the country ahead of political gain.

“Tonight's message from American voters is as clear as it is simple: ‘Enough is enough.’ Votes are still being tallied, but many of the servant leaders who stepped up to run have already won their races because voters saw in them an opportunity to end the division that is holding America back.

“New Democrats will use this victory to ensure Congress reaches across the aisle in both the House and Senate on priorities like investing in American infrastructure and reducing the cost of health care. If we are successful, we will remind the country that Democrats are committed to a vision of governance that ensures all Americans have the opportunity to earn a good life. That’s good for everyone, regardless of their party.

“New Democrats applaud our candidates on their victory and look forward to working with them to make progress in the next Congress.”

The New Democrat Coalition is a solutions-oriented caucus working to bridge the divide between parties and ideologies by challenging the traditional, outmoded approach to governance. Made up of 68 forward-looking Democrats, the New Democrats are leading the way to grow the economy and increase opportunity. In all, New Democrats make up roughly one-third of the House Democratic Caucus.

Formed by Members of the New Democrat Coalition, the NewDemPAC helps re-elect House New Democrats and elect new, like-minded leaders who can help develop a positive policy agenda and message.