Founded in 1997, the New Democrat Coalition is a solutions-oriented caucus of 103 forward-thinking lawmakers working to bridge the divide between parties and ideologies by challenging the traditional, outmoded approach to governance. New Democrats are leading the way to grow the economy and increase opportunity. In all, New Democrats make up roughly forty percent of the House Democratic Caucus.

Formed by Members of the Coalition, the NewDem Action Fund helps re-elect House NewDems and elect new, like-minded leaders who can help develop a positive policy agenda and message. 

Thanks to our supporters, the NewDem Action Fund is celebrating its fourteenth year in 2019.

We believe in...


The world isn’t waiting for America’s next move – it’s racing to catch up and pass us. That’s why, at a time when countries like China and Brazil are doubling down on research and development, we support policies that will strengthen our comparative advantage in tech and digital innovation – while fostering new breakthroughs in everything from biotechnology to high-speed broadband.


We believe in smart, sensible regulatory policies that make it easier for Americans with ideas to start new businesses, and we do not believe that Democrats should defend old regulations that fail to protect consumers and heap layer after layer of red tape on business owners. We believe in a tax code that everyday Americans can understand – not one that punishes small business owners for trying to make it in America by distorting economic decisions and putting the country at a disadvantage in the race for global prosperity.


A stable job, the ability to own a home, the ability to start a business, the ability to save a few dollars for retirement, the ability to afford health care and send children to college – these are the dreams that Americans work hard to fulfill.

Government needs to help, not hinder, Americans as they pursue these goals.


Industrial-era policies won’t work in an office economy – that’s why we support policies that will equip Americans with the skills and resources they will need to adapt and thrive in an economy filled with fierce competition from all corners of the globe.

We believe in fiscally responsible and sustainable policies that put America’s future first.

Effective Leadership

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