NewDem Action Fund Urges Presidential Candidates to Take Note of Lessons Learned from the Majority Makers

NewDem Action Fund Sends Open Letter Inviting All Democratic Presidential Candidates to Meet with Coalition

Dear Presidential Candidate,

On behalf of the New Democrat Coalition, we invite you to meet with our Coalition to give you an opportunity to share your vision for moving our country forward, how to address the great challenges and opportunities we face in the 21st century, and how the next president will begin to heal the deep divisions our country and government face.

It has become cliché to say the upcoming presidential election is the most important of our lifetimes, but here we are. President Trump has weakened our standing in the world and rolled back much of the progress we as a party fought to create. Winning in 2020 is of utmost importance. Thankfully, we have a roadmap for victory in many of the races New Democrats have won over the last several cycles.

The New Democrat Coalition is a diverse group of 103 members of the House of Representatives. That makes us the largest ideological caucus in the U.S. House Democratic Caucus, and New Democrats represent a broad array of districts that will be critical to winning the presidency in 2020. Of the 40 seats that flipped from red to blue in 2018, New Dem members won 32 of these seats to deliver the House majority. We know that in order to hold and extend our majority and to win the White House, we will need to keep winning in these districts. 2020 will be another competitive election cycle and we expect to work very closely with our eventual Democratic Presidential nominee to make it a historic election year. To that end, we are reaching out earlier than ever before to begin to get to know our 2020 declared candidates and to build the partnership that our country needs.

America faces unprecedented challenges in opportunity inequality, inaccessible and unaffordable healthcare, a rapidly changing workforce, the real threat of global warming, and a complicated global landscape with the rise of old and new adversaries. The partnership between a Democratic administration and a Democratic Congress is not only vital in addressing our domestic challenges, but also necessary to reestablish American global leadership beginning on January 20, 2021.

Throughout the election cycle, our Coalition hopes to meet with all the candidates and work closely with our eventual nominee to win in 2020. New Democrats represent the districts that are pivotal to winning in November 2020. Regardless of whom we individually support, collectively our Coalition has first-hand experience that, when shared with our presidential candidates, can better position the party in November 2020.

We look forward to winning together in 2020.

With gratitude,

Derek Kilmer                                Ami Bera
Chair                                                Chair
New Democrat Coalition               New Democrat Coalition Action Fund